Fireworks and small Earthquake shake Barga

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Earthquake during the night around Bargafireworks over bargafireworks over bargaearthquake in barga

Data UTC: 24 gen 2007 – Ore UTC: 23:25:55 – Latitudine:44.13 – Longitudine: 10.51 – Profondita’: 6.5 – Evento sismico di magnitudo Ml: 2.7
Comuni Interessati:3Km Fosciandora<6Km BARGA

There was a huge firework display last night over the Ciocco Hotel resort on the hill just behind Barga and by huge we really do mean huge.

It was not your usual run of the mill 5 minutes of rockets going off – big bang – then all over – kind of firework display. This one lit up the whole sky for a good 20 minutes as round after round was sent up high into the air over Barga. It would have been seen all over the valley.

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