Paolo Nutini – so what is he up to ?

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Paolo Nutini has been out touring Ireland recently and spending time in the studio writing and recording material for his next album.  He’s produced the record himself and he started working on it in February 2008. Paolo and the band have worked in studios in Ireland, Wales and London and there were even some sessions recorded in Los Angeles and New York.

The new record will be out in 2009. Other news is that he will be pulling off an astonishing double-header this new year by appearing at both Edinburgh and Glasgow’s Hogmany celebrations. …. how is that possible ?At the Edinburgh’s Hogmanay – the Concert in the Gardens he will be onstage at 9pm before “hot-footing” it over to Glagow’s Hogmanay at George Square to take the headline slot at 11pm. Hot-footing with a helicopter by the sounds of things

Interesting stuff as well on youtube – a 5 part documentary of “the story so far” coming at 2 week intervals. Included in the images is Paolo at the Castelvecchi chip shop, the shop which Paolo’s grandfather opened up and  which his Mum and Dad (Linda and Alfredo) now run.

Paolo Nutini – The Story So Far [PART TWO]

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