Scottish wedding

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zambonini-early-wedding-in-2009015Its June in Barga and the traditional time for weddings.  There is something special about a June bride after all.  One wedding that has been in the planning stage for over a year finally moved from theory to practice and once again it was that incredibly strong Scottish connection that came to the fore. A couple from Aberdeen, Scotland; Carla Zambonini and Steven Early were married in the Palazzo Pancrazi in front of a room full of friends and family brought over for the event. It was also an occasion that drew in most of the barganews staff in one way or another.  The award winning photographer O’Connor was the official photographer, following the couple from first thing in the morning right through the day and well into the night as he documented their special day in Barga.

The translator was none other than the seven-times Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist and barganews staff writer Frank Viviano (articles here)

The music for the ceremony was supplied by Hamish Moore, the Dunkeld pipemaker and piper who was Barga’s musician-in-residence last year (articles here) but who has since moved back to Scotland – he too was flown in specially with his bagpipes. Hamish played the newly married couple out of the Palazzo Pancrazi with the version of the Bells of Barga, the tune that he wrote and performed last year at the very succesful Scotland concert in the Teatro dei Differenti.

The party continued at the restaurant Da Riccardo with live music being provided by the surprise hit of last year’s Lake Angels Soul Festival –  Joanna Pocket Band – Joana Paolinelli – Italian/Scottish singer | Alessio Bertani – guitar (area23)| Francesco Massagli – keyboards (myspace) | and our very own JJ Carde on drums.

Click on the link below to hear (in Italiano and English) the ceremony in the Palazzo Pancrazi


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