Crop circles or aliens at the football stadium

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barga _13549All summer long there have been literally thousands of people making their way down to the Barga Football Stadium to join in the music of the Lake Angels Soul Festival and then for the Fish and Chip festival but something may have just escaped their attention as they walked past the pitch. It’s not until to can get above the pitch – at the top of the seating stadium for instance and there it becomes a little clearer that there is something strange going on in the four corners of the field. It looks like writing or strange script written into the grass. A word with the groundsman for the pitch does nothing to solve the mystery as he too thinks its something very strange and wonders why nobody else has noticed it and  if they have seen it, why they don’t mention it. He in the interview below talks about ufo’s , aliens and space ships landing but maybe its something else …. could it be simply a natural event like fungus?

In other places around the world crop circles and strange marking are found at regular intervals. Some of them are obviously man made … like the crops of rice paddy art  in Japan. The crop art — created by strategically arranging and growing different colours of rice plants — can be seen in farming communities across the country.

Click on the link below to the hear the groundsman at the Barga Football Stadium talking about the circles in his grass (in Italiano)


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