3rd Silvano Togneri prize

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enojazz bargajazz festival - barga 2009016A whole new feel to Enojazz after hours jam sessions which took place each night during the Barga Jazz Festival as for once people had to move quite a distance to take part. Normally it’s just a short walk from the concerts in the Teatro or the Piazza to Enojazz – this year it was held at La Mocchia, 7 km kilometres out of Barga.  The added distance  did not stop the faithful from turning up in large numbers at La Mocchia  and as the osteria is well away from any other habitation, the music went on uninterrupted far into the night many times during the week. Last night was the final Enojazz session and following tradition went on right through the night until the dawn. The final night is also when all the numbers are counted, the votes are taken and a final decision is made for the prestigious Silvano Togneri Award.

Each year there is strong competition for the EnoJazz prize awarded to the musician who showed his heart, spirit (and stamina) during the enojazz marathon sessions.

In 2007 to commemorate the passing of Silvano Togneri the outsider musician (articles about Silvano Togneri can be found here) who was a key member of many of the after hour sessions in the past, the prize was renamed the Silvano Togneri prize and instead of a nominal award an actual award was handed to the winner – a bottle of alcohol and a 45 rpm disc from Silvano’s own collection ( an article about Silvano’s record collection here) The  Silvano Togneri prize winner for 2008 was awarded to the double bass player Leonardo Gnesi.

Question: What is Outsider Music ?

Outsider music is music performed either by social outsiders, who have no or few associates in the mainstream music business, or by musicians who choose to live and work in seclusion, often due to compromising behavioral or psychological conditions. Outsider music reflects these conditions in various ways. Lyrics are often bizarre or emotionally stark and songs may show a great ignorance or disregard for structural conventions or popular trends in mainstream music. Also, outsider musicians frequently have no formal training and/or significant music skills in the traditional sense. The end result is music that is much stranger and more abrasive than more popular musical styles. Outsider music is a form of outsider art. – source – Wikipedia

Winner 2007 – the sax player Dimitri Grechi Espinoza – article here

Winner 2008 – the keyboards player Stefano Onorati – article here

Winner 2009 – the double bass player Leonardo Gnesi

Click on the link below to hear just what kind of song Leonardo Gnesi played to the waiting crowd just after the announcement that he was this year’s winner


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