L'osteria celebrates 5th birthday

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The L’Osteria in Piazza Angelio in Barga Vecchia celebrated its 5th birthday today …except that it nearly didn’t, as Riccardo Negri and his staff were so busy providing food for 50 people seated both inside and out in the new covered area that they didn’t even remember that the osteria started under Riccardo’s sure and guiding hand on this day , the 10th April in 2005.

Click on the link below to hear Riccardo talking (in Italiano) about how he feels about the last 5 years in the L’osteria


The images below from the barganews archives of the inauguration of the l’osteria  on 10th April 2005 might just help him remember. Anybody who was there at the inauguration, 5 years ago will also probably remember just how bitterly cold it was that day as the guests waited outside in a freezing wind for the tape to be cut.

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