Wedding Maggiore – Harris

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The centuries old Duomo of Barga was this weekend filled with the sound of English voices singing traditional English hymns as the families and friends of Annalisa Jane Maggiore and Alexander Jordan Harris celebrated the marriage of the couple in a moving ceremony  presided over by  their own priest Father Louis.   And it really was a family affair and the priest really was “their own” as he was in fact,  the uncle of Annalisa.

Her family,  originally coming from Barga,  but since emigrated like many local families during the last century is mainly now located in the Sunderland area of the UK  but for Annalisa who has spent every summer since childhood holidaying in Barga,  today was a dream come true as she married her companion, Alexander  in her beloved Duomo.

The reception was held in Villa Moorings,  the perfect  setting considering its own history of Barghigiani moving abroad before returning to their city.

Main image of the couple at the head of this article taken in the altana above Casa Cordati

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