A.S Barga – Festa della Castagna

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The Festa della Castagna, the chestnut festa organised each year by AS Barga came to a close this Sunday on the Fosso and it finished as it started a fortnight ago at a damp and almost miserable affair. The weather has not been kind to roasting chestnuts this year. The AS Barga set out all their equipment, fires, stoves and tables all ready for the night of Halloween and if you remember the whole evening was cancelled due to the torrential rain ( article here)

The following day everything was set up again and once more the clouds opened –  cancelled once again.

The following Sunday, it rained on and off for most of the day ruining not just the Festa della Castagna  but also the dog exhibition, Cave Canem ( article here)

This Sunday was the last  time this year that they could occupy so much parking space on the Fosso with all their equipment  and as it coincided with the monthly market it looked as though finally  they would get some custom.  It was not to be.

A combination of three other roast chestnut events in the area,  including one nearby up at Sommocolonnia ( article here)  and once again the damp weather conditions kept most people away.  Better luck next year A.S Barga.

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