Power-T play Piazza Angelio

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James Wynne was last here in Barga during September of 2010 when he played a concert in Piazza Angelio in Barga Vecchia in front of a large crowd sitting down to eat a meal in the piazza courtesy of Riccardo Negri at the L’osteria (article here)

He was booked for a return session earlier on this summer but had to pull out at the last moment due to illness, a second concert was also cancelled, this time as it clashed with Opera Barga … finally this evening, James was back in the piazza and this time the stars were all lined up perfectly.

He has teamed up with the singer Silvio Traversa and formed the Anglo-Italian duo knows as Power-T.

Influences on James Wynne : So many…. of people I’ve played with, here are the ones in my heart… First of all: Silvio Traversa & Peri THEN: Ivan Appino, Mario Punzi, Davide DalPiaz, Marco Gardini.

Guitar Influences: Page, Dean De Leo, Andy Summers, Steve Jones, Angus Young, Antonio Forcione, Jake E. Lee, Pete Townshend.

Composing Influences: Paul McCartney, Eagles, Queen, Kiss, AC/DC, Police, Foo Fighters, Soulwax.

Sounds Like: Usually a very sick cat…. sometimes, on a good night, Antonio Forcione limited by Ace Frehley’s technique, with a pythonesque humour to get by… best heard tipsy.


Click on the link below to hear a short (ten minute) interview with James recorded in the barganews office just five minutes after he came off stage in Piazza Angelio last year (in English )

james wynne 11sept2010

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