1st Vintage racing motorbike show

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The first vintage racing motorbike show was held this afternoon on the Fosso just outside the main gates of Barga Vecchia. A well organised and well attended event which hopefully should become an annual event.

It was a joint venture organised by the Comune of Barga, the Tordis Racing Team and of course, for more or less any organised event involving motors and wheels on the Fosso – Paolo Gas.

vintage racing bike show in barga (mp3)

Cordati Luigi
Arrighi Enrico(Moro)
Bormida Mauro
Zari Giuseppe
Marchetti Paolo (Paologas)
Dolfi Mario
Piacenza Enrico(Tordis)
Viviani Enrico
Ponziamo Sirio
Giuliani Leonardo
Mazzoni Antonio
Rivarola Riccardo

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