It’s December – time for Polenta di Neccio and Ossi di Maiale

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The weather forecast from David Sesto, our resident weather expert says the following:

“Let’s enjoy today because the sun will not last long. Already by early morning tomorrow we will be witnessing,  abundant rainfall in the Mediavalle and Garfagnana.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we can expect typically late autumn days with cloudy skies and precipitation that will alternate between the low and moderate all in a context of above average temperatures for the period”

So in effect, the winter is still nowhere to be seen. Normally this time of year the snow has already arrived on the mountains around Barga. This year, no snow to be seen and still the temperatures remain unseasonably high.

In the meantime, what about some serious food to keep all those thoughts of a rainy winter at bay ? What could be better than that classic dish for this time of year; Polenta di Neccio and Ossi di Maiale – Polenta made from sweet chestnut flour and pig bones.

Chestnuts – When this area was hit by famine, it was the food ingredient that kept many people alive. Dried chestnuts ground into flour is still known in Garfagnana as “the poor mans flour”.

One of the most delicious dishes that can be found during the winter months in Barga is polenta di neccio – polenta made with chestnut flour often accompanied by ossi di maiale – pork bones.

It has to be said that it is not a pretty looking dish but the combination of highly salted bones and sweet chestnut is something to be savoured.

Added to that as a kind of side dish is the the omelette with pork sausage. Make sure you don’t miss the the interesting use of a chair on its side as a table in some of the images and in the video below

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