Wall ready to fall in Barga Giardino

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One of our readers to the giornaledibarganews, pointed out this morning one of the negative side effects of the coming spring.

As you can hear in the interview below (in Italiano) the surrounding wall of an empty house in Barga Giardino is in a particularly dangerous condition this week.

A mixture of neglect, the terrible cold weather during February and the trees and plants growing wild in the front garden have all conspired together to push the two metre  high columns and stone wall at an alarming angle.

The wall is now just about to fall on to the road outside and needs very little to give it that final push.

That final push will probably come from nature itself as the arrival of spring will mean that the bare tress and roots behind the wall with expand and push the wall over.

The building has been empty for some time and although put for sale in the past, the current economic climate means that probably it will remain empty for some time.

It is unclear just who is responsible for the building but local residents speak of it being owned by telecom or SIP the old telecom company.

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Giuseppe Luti

Problema già segnalato più volte anche da me con comunicazioni alla stampa locale e anche agli uffici comunali con l’invio di e-mail.
Siccome la situazione di degrado e poi di pericolo esiste ormai da più di dieci anni, credo che sia l’ora che l’Amministrazione Comunale provveda con una intimazione a proprietario. O provveda essa stessa in modo forzoso a tutelare i cittadini ed i beni dei cittadini. (spesso adiacente al muro fatiscente e cadente vengono pagheggiate vetture) Ma purtroppo non c’é più sordo di di chi non vuole sentire.