Chairart 2012 almost ready in Barga

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Over the past three years we have published numerous articles about Chairart (articles here) – 20 white chairs and the 20 possibilities to decorate the chairs by 20 different people.

Each year the number of participating artists grows and the choice of painted objects expands – last year it was not just chairs but also windows, what could it be this year ? ironing boards, wooden chests, tables even ? Who knows? Well somebody does know – that somebody is the main organiser for the event, Martin Galloway.

Martin was in Barga yesterday afternoon setting up this years exhibition in the Palazzo Pancrazi and finally we can see what is this years object…. it’s not ironing boards, wooden chests or tables but the humble suitcase – an object which plays a central role in this area with the generations of emigrants who left during economic hard times and of course with the new influx of visitors to the city.

The exhibition opens in Palazzo Pancrazi today (Saturday) at  and will be open from first thing in the morning until late at night right through the week until Saturday 15th.

Be sure to click on the interview with Serena Petri later in this article in which she talked briefly (in Italiano) about the reasons behind her choice of chair and the message that she hopes people will receive.

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