Geoff plays Piazza Angelio

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The autumn has officially arrived and the nights are drawing in but that does not stop the residents of Barga from enjoying themselves in the Piazza during the evening.

It may be dark,  it may well be cooler, in fact there were in evidence this evening a few heavier jackets but the festa continues in Barga Vecchia.

It may well be the last day of summer and the first evening of autumn but that does not mean that the rigours of winter are upon us yet.

L’osteria was sold out – completely full including all the tables out in the Piazza this evening for a solo concert by the veteran rocker, Geoff Collins-White

An interesting night for Geoff as well as his audience  as he was trying out for the first time in public his new Bose sound system,  which according to the makers,  offers a unique, all-in-one system delivering a clear, powerful sound  enabling the musician to hear exactly what the audience hears thereby eliminating conventional monitors, mixers and PA system.

In fact it was a very compact looking vertical system that wouldn’t have looked out of place in any living room but which gave a clear and powerful sound right across the piazza but not so loud that it stopped people from being able to talk to each other.  Technology is moving forward.

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