The return of the Big Lebowski Trio at Barga Jazz Club

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They were here in the Jazz Club in Barga in February of this year and then once again at the Live in Barga Festa – Gatti Randagi Piazza Crocifisso – during July.

The summer has been and gone and the Big Lebowski Trio are back once again at the Barga Jazz Club.

Make absolutely sure that if you missed them in February, you do not miss them on October 12th

Il Big Lebowski Trio è composto da: Lorenzo Marianelli – chitarra/voce | Dario Orlandini – basso/cori | Marco Di Lupo – batteria/cori

Non perdetevi venerdì 12 Ottobre il Big Lebowski Trio.

Non fate come il Drugo …. ascoltateli live!

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