Crepuscolo – the twilight moment in Barga Vecchia

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A recent malfunction with the software which uploads images from the camera to the computer,  which meant that images for an article about an interesting event involving Tango here in Barga was permanently lost has forced me to reinstall,  update and generally check over the  whole photographic system used on the site.

Now by the looks of things everything is working as it should but there is still that nagging doubt somewhere in the back of my brain that images on camera  are not really “real” or “there”  in a certain sense,  until they uploaded  to a computer and then sent up online.

That thought has always been there for instance when I occasionally see  photographers photographing a wedding here in Barga  using just one camera.

What happens if something goes wrong with the camera,  software or the images?

Do they say “I’m sorry,  you will have to do the wedding again if you want images ?”

Obviously a backup camera  is of vital importance.

Anyway to cut  a long story short,  to make sure that my camera was working  as it should I went out into the streets of Barga Vecchia  to shoot a few images.

There is a particular moment in Barga Vecchia in the winter when the narrow streets are more or less deserted and with a low horizontal light pushing through just before the sun goes down – crepuscolo.

That particular light it is further enhanced as the street lights flicker on.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts – As you Like It  – Act II – Scene VII – William Shakespeare

As can be plainly seen in a couple of the images below, there is a moment which lasts just a few seconds as the street lights warm up and before they become fully bright where they give out a strange greenish light.

It does not last long  but while it is there,  it almost gives the impression of Barga Vecchia  as a kind of stage,  a piece of theatre.

Magical,  fleeting  but once seen, never forgotten.

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