Emergency tree work in Barga after heavy snow fall

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The heavy snow fall  over the last  24 hours in this area has left behind one or two problems which are now in the process of being gradually cleared up.

The main roads are more or less all clear after the snowploughs moved in but some of the minor roads are still blocked and moving around can still be difficult.

All the schools in the area were shut yesterday and  the mayor of Barga,  Marco Bonini  has just issued another statement closing the schools as well for tomorrow, the 13th February.

One of the other problems which gradually became more evident as the snow continued to fall was the state of many of the trees in and around this area.

Last night for instance every now and again could be heard a loud crack as another tree or branch crashed to the ground under the weight of all the snow.

This morning,  workmen and  experts from the Comune technical office were working on pruning the large cedar tree in the middle of Barga Giardino  which had become a danger for passing traffic due to the enormous weight of the snow on the wide branches.

Tomorrow they will be looking at other trees nearby just outside the ex elementary school  and post office which are also showing signs of  not been able to withstand the weight of snow.[dw-post-more level=”1″]



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