Howard Paul and Luca Giovacchini

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Howard Paul è uno dei più famosi chitarristi Jazz americani e oltre a questo è anche il Presidente della Benedetto Guitars, che produce le migliori chitarre da jazz al mondo.

Luca Giovacchini è uno dei migliori chitarristi che abbiamo a Lucca, ed ha avuto il piacere di suonare con una Benedetto e con Howard, mi sembra che si siano divertiti molto e ammetto che ho goduto anche io. – source


Howard R. Paul (born November 15, 1960 in Petersburg, Virginia) is President/CEO of Benedetto Guitars, Inc., a company he co-founded with American luthier Robert Benedetto in June 2006 following Benedetto’s departure from a seven-year licensing agreement with Fender Musical Instruments Company.

Benedetto Guitars was begun in 1968 and is an boutique American archtop guitar manufacturer internationally renowned for building hand-carved instruments popular with jazz guitarists and collectors.

The company is currently based in Savannah, Georgia and produces 150 to 300 instruments per year.

His music credits include performances at Caesar’s Atlantic City Casino, The Juilliard School, the U.S. Army Band-Europe, the Savannah Symphony Pops Orchestra and the Coastal Jazz All Stars. As a 7-string Benedetto guitarist since 1998, he has frequently appeared at venues including The Smithsonian Institution’s Jazz Café, The Jazz Corner, The Blue Wisp, and The Jazz Kitchen and accompanied Bucky Pizzarelli, Frank Vignola, Jimmy Bruno, Howard Alden, Jack Wilkins, Bob James, Ali Ryerson, Chuck Redd, Tom Scott, and many others.

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