Conversation with Simone Venturi – musician

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images from daily life in bargaThis is a another in the series of articles which we have been publishing over the last couple of years where instead of interviewing people we try instead to have a short conversation with them.

This allows us to take any of the stress involved for the interviewee or for the interviewer out of the equation and instead just sit down and have a brief chat.

This morning in the barganews office we sat down and talked for 30 minutes with the musician Simone Venturi.

As you can hear in the audioboo at the end of this article,  the conversation ranged right across his musical career over the last 10 to 15 years. Simone although classically trained has over those years moved across many musical different fields including jazz, rock,  pop, R&B and of course after his seven year stint with the most successful soul group in Tuscany – Mr Pitiful,  he has been heavily immersed in soul music and now with his new project, Meez Pheet – the original Nu Soul/R&B Band.

Browsing through the barganews archives we can find some images showing a very young looking Simone Venturi playing with the Ortonovo band back in 2004 (here)

The Cube, which was mentioned in the conversation – “Trumpet king/composer Andrea Guzzoletti and keyboard magician Simone Venturi, two of Italy’s outstanding jazz talents, began playing selections from Guzzoletti’s riveting “invisible Cities,” inspired by Italo Calvino’s famous prose poem – article here.  Artists Fabrizio Da Prato and Keane, dressed in construction overalls and safety helmets and assisted by a muscle team, lifted the cube and lowered it over the musicians. In effect, they and their instruments were incarcerated in the huge hollow box, the exterior of which Keane and Da Prato set to painting.” – can be found (here)daily images 2005 barga _0077

Mr Pitful have appeared on these pages since 2001 | 2004 | 20092012 |

Simone’s new project, Meez Pheet can be heard here:

I Meez Pheet sono la sezione ritmica della Mr. Pitiful Soul Band, band toscana insieme da 18 anni
I Meez Pheet nascono quindi come una sorta di progetto “Spin-Off”.
Il loro repertorio è formato principalmente da brani originali e da calssici dal repertorio R’n’B, NU Soul and Hip Hop di Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Mary J Blidge, Erykah Badu e molti altri.
Il groove e l’interplay sono i caratteri distintivi della band.​

A Dicembre 2012 decidono di entrare in studio e registrare il loro primo singolo, I Don’t Like It ( S. Venturi/ S. Venturi ) e a Febbraio il singolo è già sui principali online stores come iTunes Store o Cd Baby.

I Meez Pheet sono: Fiorella Ekwueme ( voce ), Simone Venturi ( tastiere e live electronics ), Fabio Pierotti ( chitarre ), Fabrizio “Leo” Leone ( basso), Andrea Giannelli ( batteria ).

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