Putting quake fears in context

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earth_tremour_noYesterday was the first day since January in which the region experienced no aftershocks of any readable dimensions.

Maybe today would be a good day to put some of the earthquake fears into context.

A some readers have already noticed, the last article concerning seismic events was no longer titled an “earthquake” but instead was “earth tremors”

In the 532 years since 1480, a total of fewer than 100 people have died in earthquakes in Barga.

In the famous 1920 quake, 171 people died in the entire Garfagnana-Lunigiana region. But the vast majority of the victims were from the Fivizzano area, center of this year’s swarm of tremors.

That is less than the number of deaths registered by auto accidents in the Province of Lucca in the 5 years between 2007 and 2012 — a mortality rate more than 100 times greater than that posed by earthquakes.

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