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Live in Barga – 4th night

The Festa del Centro Storico, Le Piazzette, now renamed "Live in Barga 2013" moves into the 4th night

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14 July
Grizzly – Piazza Angelio
Danny Bronzini Trio – Piazza del Crocifisso
Gold 5 – Piazza del Sargentone

Some great music once again this evening with Gold 5 pumping out some classics from the 80’s and Grizzly in Piazza Angelio strutting their stuff and just getting better at each outing but some words will just have to be spent on the music coming out of the Piazza del Crocifisso all evening,

DANNY BRONZINI, born in 1995 … yes, you did read that right, the guy has only been on the planet a scarse 18 years but is already considered by many critics and audiences the new talent of “Soul and Blues Made in Italy”.

Thanks to listening to his fathers records as a child, Danny fell in love with music and started playing guitar.

At 13 he began guitar lessons with Pistoia bluesman Nick Becattini and from there embarked on a path that took him to play in various clubs and festivals such as Tuscany Pistoia Blues, Torrita Blues, Blues and the Torre Alfina Musicastrada Festival.

Despite his young age, Danny has already played with BB King, Texas Slim, Modena City Ramblers and Hellas Bandini to name a few.

His playing is inspired by music from Hendrix to the blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Freddy King, Albert Collins, John Mayer, Alex Britt, Stevie Wonder and Sean Costello.

15 july
IBBI Bubble – Piazza Angelio

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