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Chairart 2013 opens its doors to the public

the largest exhibition of decorated chairs as 118 chairs arrive in Barga

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The wonderful summer weather that we have been enjoying for the past couple of months has finally disappeared and we woke up this morning to grey overcast skies and a temperature drop of almost 8 degrees.

By ten o’ clock it was raining and it continued to rain on and off all day.

The perfect setting and conditions to install and set up Chairart 2013 in Barga Vecchia.

Over the past four years we have published numerous articles about Chairart (articles here and here )  – 20 white chairs and the 20 possibilities to decorate the chairs by 20 different people.

This year’s Chairart project started in Treppignana in August and then moved onto Roccalberti (Camporgiano) and Castelnuovo before finally arriving here in Barga

Each year the number of participating artists grows and with it also grows the technical problems of moving the chairs.

This morning various transports were used to ferry in the chairs for Chairart 2013 … lorry, vans , 3 wheeled ape and the old traditional standby  – a pair of shoulders, as an incredible 118 chairs arrived at Porto Reale, the main gate into Barga Vecchia.

The pouring rain added to the misery but eventually all 118 chairs were installed by the organiser of the event, Martin Galloway in Palazzo Pancrazi, the town hall and the two galleries of the Museum of Memory.


The exhibition will be open every day and every evening including chairs outside in Piazza Salvo Salvi until Saturday 14th September when there will be a social cena for the participating artists at the L’Osteria in Piazza Angelio after which the artists can carry home their own chairs ….. thereby reducing the transport problems for the organisers of the event.

Once again it is expected that as in other years, the exhibition will probably be the most photographed art exhibition held in Barga this year.

Chairart has a large public following.

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