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Stonework in Barga Vecchia damaged during storm

slight damage during the night

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Huge electrical storms over this area in the later part of this evening with lightning flashing constantly across the sky and torrential rain thundering down has meant that most people stayed indoors this evening and did not venture out .

A nasty surprise for the few who did venture out in Barga Vecchia this evening as they found some large stonework which used to decorate the front of the Palazzo Balduini was now lying broken and in the middle of the road just outside the tourist office.

Two hours later and the broken pieces were still there partially blocking the road.

It is unclear whether the stonework was brought down by the torrential rain or by the shaking that the city has been having over the last two hours from the thunder and lightning either way something will have to be done about this later on today as technicians will obviously have to check the whole of the facade of the Palazzo Balduini we need to make sure it is safe for the children to use the kindergarten

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