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The Befana Portraits in the Green Room – part two

Ecco donne la befana, non è quella degli altr’anno…..

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At the Villa Libano during Enojazz, as part of the Barga Jazz Festival, the Green Room was opened to the public and over 15 days more than 700 portraits were taken by two photographers, Caterina Salvi and Keane. The Green room articles and images can be seen here

At the end of the year as an integral part of the event, Slow Art, Tam Tam taking place once again at Villa Libano during the chocolate festa,  the two photographers inside the Green Room were looking for a slightly different way of producing images with an  emphasis on chocolate. Was it a drug,  is it a food,  is it a luxury or is it a necessity ?  Those Green Room chocolate portraits can be seen here

Christmas has come and gone, the New Year has passed and we are now all ready for the arrival of the Befana 

To document her arrival the two photographers, Caterina Salvi and Keane have now moved the Green Room into Piazza Angelio and using the lighting system that the creative volcano which answered to the name of Marco Poma designed and built are once again photographing all and sundry.


The complete set of Green Room Befana portraits can be seen at the Green Room installation at Barga Jazz Club

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