Italian Horizons exhibition in Chicago

A slightly different view of Italy for a group exhibition in the United States

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The mayor of Coreglia Antelminelli, Valerio Amadei opened the proceedings yesterday for the presentation of the exhibition “Italian Horizons” which will open shortly in Chicago, before moving on to Los Angeles, USA.

Also speaking at the presentation was Ilaria del Bianco the president of Lucchesi nel Mondo.

Two of the three artists taking part in the exhibition are residents of Coreglia Antelminelli, Pepper Pepper and Nazareno Giusti. The third, Keane is resident in nearby Barga.

A mixture of work involving photography, drawings and oil paintings but all with the common denominator – each artist is attempting to show a part of Italy and Italian culture which is not generally seen.


Nazareno Giusti explaining (in Italiano) some of the thinking behind the making of the images for the exhibition

As was said in the opening presentation, you will not find any rolling hills and cyprus trees – the tradition image that many people have in their heads of Tuscany, in any of these images.

The exhibition presentation was a success. The room was full of smiling observers, the mayor was present, the president of Lucchesi Nel Mondo (a worldwide prominent group) spoke, the TV cameras were there, the on-screen presentation was well received, and the art and photographs on showcase were a hit. What else could one hope for…. I had to give a speech (in Italian) which gave me some anxiety but I did it. That was a big challenge accomplished for me. Afterwards, we each did on-camera interviews for the local TV. I was nervous so I know they are going to need to add subtitles. Mission accomplished……a great night – Pepper Pepper

We have already published an article late last year (here) showing the making of the main poster image for the exhibition in Keane’s studio in Barga Vecchia.

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