Crowd sourcing for local musicians

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We believe that we are making something new in Italy and we would like more people, all around the world can listen what we have to say - Meez Pheet

meezpheet2Here on this site we have followed for many years the musical careers of Mr. Pitiful, Simone Venturi and their latest venture – Meez Pheet  – now they are ready to take it to the next level.

Two singles, one live video and this month they are preparing to record their first EP.

They want to make it as independent as possible,  so they need your help in order to achieve their music without constraints, with freshness and authenticity.

Crowd sourcing comes to Barga with

Meez Pheet are: Fiorella Ekwueme (vocals), Simone Venturi (keyboards, backing vocals , groovebox ), Fabio Pierotti ( guitar ) , Fabrizio ” Leo” Leo (bass) and Andrew Giannelli (drums).

These two years have been full of great satisfaction : our two singles now placed on the best online stores like iTunes : “My Pretensions ” and “I Do not Like It” , the Objective Blues win the our participation as guests in Pistoia Blues 2013 Blues Festival , Camigliano , Torrita Blues Festival , the reviews in the magazine Blues and many more. The repertoire of the band is “black” , a complicated and fascinating tangle of NU Soul , Hip Hop, Funk , Jazz all at the service of the groove and ‘ interplay. A tribute , both in the original songs , both in covers , to the greats of soul music.


Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 21.06.42We believe that we are making something new in Italy and we would like more people, all around the world can listen what we have to say. is a niche crowdfunding platform for music-related projects. If you’re an artist, record label, videographer, photographer, editor, or recording studio, Musicraiser may be the tool you need to get off the ground. Albums, videos, events, or concerts can all be crowdfunded on the platform- basically anything connected to music and the arts in general. Project creators are required to provide backers with cool and exclusive rewards. The website’s staff is made up of musicians and music business professionals, and they assign to every project a tutor who helps monitor and promote it.

Additional Information: They use all-or-nothing funding – Musicraiser takes 15% of all funds raised on successful projects

Il crowdfunding potrà sostituire la discografia o avrà solo una funzione di supporto?
Secondo me le etichette sono fondamentali, sono il polmone culturale di questo paese. Soprattutto per le band ai primi dischi, è fondamentale avere un supporto di questo tipo. Circa il 30% dei progetti presentati su Musicraiser sono realizzati da etichette, altre frequentano il sito per mettere sotto contratto gli artisti e come loro fanno i promoter e le agenzie di booking. È importante che il lavoro delle etichette prosegua, ma la discografia deve cambiare, anche perché non ha senso che si chiami così quando i dischi nemmeno si vendono più. Oggi un’etichetta deve gestire l’artista a 360 gradi, non può limitarsi alla produzione di un disco. Ci vuole un lavoro mirato, magari con meno artisti, ma seguiti in modo diverso.- Giovanni Gulino è il cantante dei Marta sui Tubi e da qualche mese, insieme a Tania Varuni, è fondatore e responsabile di Musicraiser, piattaforma di crowdfunding musicale lanciata a ottobre 2012.

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