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Slow Art, Tam Tam and the Green Room in Milan

portraits using Marco Poma’s lighting system - seven movable bars, each containing a bank of LED lights

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The Green Room which so captivated the local population last year during Barga Jazz – more than 700 portraits  (all images can be seen here) were taken by the two photographers, Caterina Salvi and Keane  using the lighting project designed by Marco Poma, is on the move.

Poma’s first light creation during the Barga Jazz festival 2013 was based upon music but for this event, no longer a series of rigid vertical slashes of LED lights marking out a kind of musical score (article and interview here) , instead he has created two voluptuous curves of light which can even change colour depending on the settings.

The two photographers, Caterina Salvi and Keane recently moved all their equipment to take part in an exhibition at Trezzano sul Naviglio in Milano as part of the  slow art movement.

The civica scuola di Trezzano sul Naviglio in Milano, run by Franco Migliaccio exhibited their work here in Barga last December at the Villa Libano (article here).

There then followed a larger exhibition in the Palazzo Bertazzoli in the Bagnolo Mella in the province of Brescia, in Lombard

The Barga group of artists taking part were:  Elisabetta Gianasi | Marco Poma| Luigi Pollini | Alba Calamari | Simone Selmi | Nicola Salotti | Tiziana Fontana  Mario Riccardi | Fabrio Gianni | Gianni Bianchi | Tony Phillips | Chris Bell | Caterina Salvi | Sandra Rigali | Keane | Nazareno Giusti | Fabrizio Da Prato | Giorgia Madia (article with many images here




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