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Motomerenda at Palleroso

the tiny village of Palleroso hosts an annual event for motorcyclists from all around the region

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A series of events were affected by the rain this weekend but one which although the number of participants was reduced, still managed to be a complete success was the annual Motomerenda at Palleroso.

Perched up on the hillside above the road from Barga to Castelnuovo, the tiny village hosts each year a motorcycle meeting which is attended by hundreds of motorcyclists from all over the region.

Music and food is provided and relaxation is the name of the game.

This year The Aristodemo’s were in attendance playing their brand of Italian swing in all of the small piazzas and some of the cantinas dotted around the village.

One member of the band was particularly pleased as one of the features of the Motomerenda was that stalls and cantinas were open selling food that was gluten free. He too was one of the many people now suffering from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

It seemed that the choice of just where, when and in what order the band played was decided by the menu of the day.

The photographer Stefano Tommasi was also hard at work during the day – some of the images that he produced can be seen here, the rest can be viewed on his site here

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