Monthly market in Barga Vecchia

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Today was one  of those perfect crisp and clear autumn days which happen every now and again when the gods were smiling on us. Strangely enough it coincided with the monthly market in Barga Vecchia. Local custom says that on the second Sunday in the month – the day of the market, it rains.

Looking back through the records strangely enough it seems to be true that on a fair percentage of second Sundays rain does fall on Barga Vecchia – but not today.

Lots of smiling faces could be seen as the crowds moved slowly through the town perusing the goods on show and occasionally stopping to haggle the prices or compare with their friends some of the items that they had actually bought.

As usual it was an eclectic mix of things for sale ranging from the sacred to the profane, old and new, hand made and obviously mass produced.

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