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quite simply the Food of Gods

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Necci – the simplest of ingredients …. sweet chestnut flour, water and salt mixed into a thick paste and cooked between two hot plates over a flame.

Two metal plates, the testi or cotte, are oiled and heated and the chestnut paste is poured onto one of the plates, the other is placed over the top so that the necci can be cooked from both sides.

A stick to press down on the top plate and in seconds you have one of the tastiest foods in this area.

Add some ricotta and you have quite simply the Food of Gods.

This afternoon outside the unofficial cultural centre of Barga Vecchia – Da Aristo, a recent addition to the food of Gods – instead of  ricotta, a slice of Pancetta – the Italian bacon made of pork belly meat that is salt cured and spiced with black pepper was added to the necci- the perfect mix of salty and sweet in one tasty package.

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