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Noah plays the Locanda

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

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And the music just keeps on coming – hot balmy nights in Barga Vecchia, the restaurants are full and people are milling about in the narrow streets looking for a touch of the faintest breeze to cool them down and in the Piazza Annunziata there is some hot, hot music taking place as Noah Tortelli entertains with some of his self penned songs.

Here on barganews regular readers will remember that we have been following closely the career of Noah “Heraclitus” Tortelli (all the article since 2008 can be seen here)

He started with the band, The Salamanders; Noah Heraclitus Tortelli: Voice, Guitar, Harmonica | Marco Lugliani: Lead Guitar | Giuseppe Jos Venturi: Bass Guitar | Diego Bacci: Drum & Percussion and has since moved on to new fields and new horizons since basing himself in Florence.

Noah Tortelli’s first single release is now imminent (article here)

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