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La Regina de Piazza Angelio in Denmark

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Just last week we published an article (here) about a new CD that had just been released in honour of the Port Seton, Scotland artist John Bellany.

Included on the CD were two tracks from Hamish Moore. During 2008-2009 he was artist-in-residence in Barga. His residency proved a great success and he staged a sell-out concert (article here) involving Scottish and local musicians which included a composition of his own for pipes, choir and other musicians based around the bell chimes of the town’s Duomo and another composition entitled “La Regina de Piazza Angelio” – “The Queen of Piazza Angelio” which was written for one of the personalities in Piazza Angelio in Barga Vecchia.

That song also appeared on another CD with strong Barga connections and with the cover featuring one of the paintings of the stone bas-reliefs on the Duomo of Barga by Keane (article here) – ‘Kith & Kin’ by Linsey Aitken and Ken Campbell – both Scottish musicians but long time friends and residents of Barga
Kith and Kin noun [plural] ‘ones native land’ and ‘friends/neighbours/family’
Linsey Aitken – vocals, ‘cello, piano. – Ken Campbell – vocals, guitars, northumbrian pipes, laud.

Ken Campbell is a Scottish singer-songwriter with a well established pedigree over 30 years with five albums to date, festivals, concerts, television and radio performances throughout Europe and beyond.
Linsey Aitken is a highly regarded cellist, pianist and vocalist encompassing many genres and styles from classical to traditional music.
This week some news of yet another link in this chain of events stretching across Europe –

Jens Olsen, a musician from Denmark was so impressed by the composition entitled “La Regina de Piazza Angelio” – “The Queen of Piazza Angelio” after hearing the track on the ‘Kith & Kin’ CD by Linsey Aitken and Ken Campbell, that he learnt the song and a week ago performed it at a concert in Denmark.

The Queen of Piazza Angelio should be very pleased and proud that her tune is playing right across Europe.


First of all, thanks for the great album you have made. It is very inspirational.
I am writing to tell, that your last number on the CD inspired my to make a set of tunes for a concert played last saturday.
I am playing the Scottish small pipes and my friend is playing the fiddle – Jens Olsen – Denmark



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