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Cleaning work on Mario Bargero’s sculpture “la vedette”

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The sculpture has been standing in Barga Vecchia for the past 7 years, come rain and come shine and time has gradually been taking its toll and making its presence felt.  Plus certain “invaders” have been making a home on the rusting metal.

This week it was time for a clean up and an eviction of the “invaders – the Black-and-yellow Mud Dauber – Sceliphron caementarium ( more information about the black and yellow invaders can be found on this article we published back in February of this year )

This afternoon Mario’s sculpture was once again spick and span and dominating the skyline above the Museum.


mario bargero sculpture in barga 20091107_0461The artist Mario Bargero unveiled his large sculpture as part of the ongoing celebrations for the 4th November back in 2009. Entitled “la vedette” – “the look out” or in military terms – the forward observer, it was set up at the Museum of Memory in Barga Vecchia.  The new museum was built on the site of a palazzo hit by artillery during the last world war and left as a rubble for 60 years. The complex now comprises museum, gardens, viewing terraces and “la vedette” watching over it all.

That summer of 2009, Mario  had a long running and very successful exhibition of his work in the nearby Palazzo Balduini featuring his more “traditional works” – found agriculture objects transformed into sculptural figures but also some of his larger free standing monumental sculptures.

Nasce a Casale Monferrato nel 1935. Dall’anno 1965 partecipa a numerose collettive e concorsi nazionali ed internazionali. Nel 1967 tiene la sua prima personale presso il Comune della sua Città con un susseguirsi di esposizioni in varie città italiane e straniere.

Dal 1970 al 1973 organizza per il Comune della sua città, varie mostre di scultura e grafica con la partecipazione dei migliori artisti italiani.

Nel 1973 con lo scultore Bagna, il pittore Campese, l’incisore Di Palma e altri, fonda il Circolo culturale (Aleramica), dando importante svolta artistica culturale alla sua città.

Nel 1996 si trasferisce in Toscana dove tiene diverse personali :

1996 – Barga – Galleria Piazza Angelio
1999 – Sillico – Centro int. di Cultura e Spiritualità
2001 – Lucca – Chiesa di S.Giulia
2003 – Bagni di lucca – Studio d’arte “Il Ponte”
2005 – Barga – Palazzo Balduini
2006 – Lucca – Galleria Comunale “Piazza dell’Angelo”.
2006 – Brasile – Museo Mudi di Maringà

Mario’s website can be found here;

Nel 2004 con la pittrice Sara Massocco allestisce una importante esposizione di scultura e Pittura presso il Centro Culturale di Castelo Branco nella regione del Paranà in Brasile.

A short interview with Mario recorded on the morning of the inauguration on 7th November 2009, followed by the introduction to the event from the Mayor of Barga, Marco Bonini (in Italiano)




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