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OXO COLLECTION: tra grandi maestri ed artisti emergenti

La preziosa collezione privata arricchisce le stanze dell’Acchiappasogni Art Boutique Hotel di Barga

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Fabio Maestrelli has been a regular visitor to Barga in recent years including a stunning exhibition of his work in the Gallery Comunale back in 2015 (article here) .. this weekend he was back in the city, this time in the Art Boutique Hotel Acchiappasogni in Barga Vecchia for the unveiling of a sculpture, Traccia Mnestica commissioned specially by Walter Tognocchi and unveiled as the center piece for the inauguration of a new contemporary art collection at the Acchiappasogni called the OXO COLLECTION.


Fabio Maestrelli

Traccia Mnestica – work in progress during June 2016

The collection curated by Riccarda Bernacchi and Lucia Morelli from the associazione culturale Venti d’Arte contains work by internationally known artists such as Oliviero Rainaldi, Roberto Coda Zabetta, Massimo Catalani, Olivo Barberi, John Bellany, Giacomo Costa, Iwajla Klinke and a selection of work from emerging young artists.



Traccia Mnestica –  A single piece of white bronze, which Maestrelli formed in a single casting process inspired by the Mobius strip and showing the etchings of ancient cuneiform writing.


The Mobius strip — sometimes called the Mobius band — is named after mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Möbius, who came up with the idea in September 1858. Curiously, German mathematician Johann Benedict Listing independently developed the same idea a few months earlier in July 1858. Unfortunately for Listing, one of the most famous surfaces in mathematics bears the name of Möbius, not Listing. 

The Möbius strip has several curious properties. A line drawn starting from the seam down the middle meets back at the seam but at the other side. If continued the line meets the starting point, and is double the length of the original strip. This single continuous curve demonstrates that the Möbius strip has only one boundary.



Fabio Maestrelli, diplomato all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, dal 2002 fa parte del gruppo artistico Le Falene.
Nel 2014 vince il Primo Premio In contemporanea Porcari sezione scultura.
Ha esposto a Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Barga e in numerose altre città.
Nel 2016 nel prestigioso Castello dei Malaspina a Massa.  Alcune sue opere, già in collezioni estere, hanno fatto parte della scenografia della VII edizione del Concorso Nazionale Musicale Fornaci in Canto 2015. 






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