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Da Aristo: Spring mondine and music

Mondine - roast chestnuts and music this weekend at the unofficial cultural centre of Barga - Aristo’s bar in Barga Vecchia.

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It’s still chilly at night but the spring weather seems to have arrived in this area with warming sunshine during the day.

People are starting to appear in the piazzas again after the long winter and this weekend at Da Aristo’s there was something different in the air.

There was the unmistakable smell of wood smoke once again as dusk arrived and the temperature started to fall but there was something else going on that was not seasonal at all – the smell of mondine – somebody was roasting chestnuts in March.

Who ever heard of such a thing ?

Mondine are normally roasted in the autumn (article here) so how was it possible that the chestnuts were around 5 months later ?

Sharp eyed observers might have noticed something in the first image of the chestnuts as they were placed in the pan over the fire that could go some way towards explaining the mystery.


Three members of The Aristodemos were there to put a musical note to the whole affair along with some members of the public who joined in.

The winter would appear to be over and the start of the spring and then summer season has begun (we hope) in Barga Vecchia.




Live music is back!

Publiée par Da Aristo di Togneri Lorenzo sur samedi 11 mars 2017






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