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Fabrizio Da Prato will inaugurate the new Viero Per L’Arte project

art in place of advertising

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Fabrizio Da Prato will inaugurate the new Viero Per L’Arte project, an initiative that for Viero Paints, leading producer of decorative paints, constitutes a true debut into the world of contemporary art.

From 17 to 31 July, the installation RICHIAMI will take shape in Pistoia, the city chosen by the artist for the values which – being the Italian Capital of Culture 2017 – it is officially promoting.

The idea at the base of the artistic endeavour – curated by art historian Veronica Carpita – is to replace advertising with pictorial art.

In a studio, Fabrizio Da Prato will paint works of art on a support comprised of discarded promotional posters which he will then ask the relative staff to hang using thirty-six regularly-purchased advertising spaces.

In this way, dozens of ephemeral works will leave the conventional circuits of contemporary art and be offered to thousands of eyes that will see them change day after day.

The works will be subjected to many unpredictable external factors throughout the time they remain hanging.

The reference points of the journey composed by the artist are two piazzas (Piazza San Lorenzo and Piazza del Carmine) connected to each other by a 500-metre pedestrian walkway(Via del Maglio, Via delle Pappe, Via del Carmine). This is a portion of the city that sees the alternating presence of residential buildings, institutional spaces, commercial areas and architectural monuments of historical & cultural interest.

The entire operation is inspired by details of architecture, decorations of historical monuments, landscape elements, road signs, maps, emotions, suggestions, meetings and itineraries stored by the artist in the course of his long surveys on the city of Pistoia, in the quest for a thin fil rouge at the base of the most intimate and identifying essence of the territory.

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