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Raduno dei Forestali in Barga

Members of the Corpo Forestale dello Stato from all across Italy were in Barga this weekend for their 8th National Meeting

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The State Forestry Corp (Corpo forestale dello Stato or CFS) was a national police agency in Italy.

It was established on 15 October 1822 by Charles Felix of Sardinia as Amministrazione forestale per la custodia e la vigilanza dei boschi.

CFS was dissolved on December 31, 2016 and all personnel became militarised and absorbed by the Carabinieri.

The CFS has police powers and acts as a park ranger force responsible for protecting Italy’s natural resources, the environment, countryside and ecosystems, especially national parks and national forests.

It also acts as criminal investigative department and as typical police force.

Its specialist duties include arresting poachers, investigating environmental violations, illegal building, counterfeit foods, safeguarding protected animal species, enforcing endangered species laws, and preventing and fighting wildfires through 15 regional commands and its fleet of 22 fire-fighting aircraft.

It has responsibility for managing activities related to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in Italy.

“Grazie mia vecchia divisa, grazie per le soddisfazioni ma anche per per le delusioni e le difficoltà, per avermi fatto crescere, per avermi dato di che sostenere me e la mia famiglia dignitosamente ma soprattutto per avermi dato l’opportunità di dare il mio contributo per preservare ciò che di più bello abbiamo, la natura, l’ecosistema, la biodiversità, le specie in via di estinzione… grazie, onorato di averti indossato per tutti questi anni”.

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