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Vandalism in Barga

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Not often that we publish a headline like the above but some time during Thursday evening or early Friday morning, vandals attacked the presepe on the  Belvedere Magri above the public toilets in Via Hayange, damaging some of the figures and throwing flowerpots into the road below. The last time there were problems in that area was back in 2010 when vandals entered the public toilets in Via Hayange setting fire to paper inside the building.

The social networks and bars in Barga this morning were alive with angry voices condemning the actions with many people wondering if security cameras or Web Cams could resolve some of the problems.

But there was still worse to come – this evening at 8 o’clock, vandals set fire to some of the plastic fixtures inside the other public toilet in Barga Vecchia just below Palazzo Pancrazi.





Acrid choking smoke billowed out of the door but the fire was very quickly put out and officials from the Comune closed the toilet until repairs can be made.

All in all, not a very good 24 hours and certainly not in anyway good publicity for the city.


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