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Slacklining in Parco Kennedy

Chef at Locanda di Mezzo, Francesco Piacentini

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Lots of movement today down at Parco Kennedy, the park which lies between the walls of the castle at Barga Vecchia and across the bridge at Barga Giardino.

Parco Kennedy (“parco” means park in italian), properly known as “Parco Fratelli Kennedy” was named in honour of American President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. The park contains a central fountain and a variety of children’s rides

A line was seen to be erected between the trees and some people thought it might be the electricity company ENEL working on a new cable or maybe more clearing up in the park but instead it was the work of Francesco Piacentini – the chef at the Locanda restaurant.

He was stringing up a flat nylon line 25 metres long between two trees – a slackline.

Slacklining refers to the act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing that is tensioned between two anchors.

While rope walking has been around in one manner or another for thousands of years, the origins of modern-day slacklining is generally attributed to a young rock climber named Adam Grosowsky from southern Illinois, USA in 1979.

Slacklining is similar to slack rope walking and tightrope walking. Slacklines differ from tightwires and tightropes in the type of material used and the amount of tension applied during use. Slacklines are tensioned significantly less than tightropes or tightwires in order to create a dynamic line which will stretch and bounce like a long and narrow trampoline.

Tension can be adjusted to suit the user, and different webbing may be used in various circumstances.

Slacklining is popular because of its simplicity and versatility; it can be used in various environments with few components.



Francesco had already set up another wider slackline outside his house last year which he had been practising on by this time it was a far thinner and longer line that was being used – and consequently as can be seen in the video, much more difficult to use.

Apparently all this effort has been set in motion for an event later in September at Isola Santa, further up the valley in Garfagnana where Francesco will be attempting waterlining – to cross the lake on a slack line 50 metres long.


Waterlining is slacklining over water. Common places to set up waterlines are over pools, lakes, rivers, creeks, between pier or railroad track pillars, and boat docks. The slackline can be set up high over the surface of the water, close to the surface or even underneath the surface.

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