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Barga Vecchia – Fire hydrants in need of renovation

the system has fallen into disrepair and it is now in a very sorry state

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Dating back to mediaeval times, the narrow and steep streets of Barga Vecchia mean that most modern forms of transport are restricted from entering.

Although this does mean a very peaceful city with very few cars it does of course mean that transporting things into or out of the city can sometimes be difficult.

Generally people accept it, adapt and live with this situation but sometimes this lack of easy access can cause serious problems.

Such is the case if there is ever a fire inside the city as the large fire engines are unable to enter to douse the flames.

For this reason, the city over the years has developed the system of fire hydrants at various intervals and small red cabinets containing 30 meter fire hoses which can be rolled out and used if necessary.

Unfortunately, that system has fallen into disrepair and it is now in a very sorry state.

As can be seen from the images above, many of the red cabinets have had the glass front broken and in many cases, the fire hoses are now missing.

The small fire in the public toilet below Palazzo Pancrazi in December last year, (article here)  – was put out very quickly by a passerby without the need of the fire hydrant but maybe that event should be a kind of an alarm bell for the situation overall in Barga Vecchia concerning the rest of the system. 

Now is probably the time to think about renovation.








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