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Beata Vergine Maria di Sotto gli Organi

7 local choirs in concert - SS Annunziata church in Barga Vecchia

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On the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the founding of the Pisa Cathedral, the icon of the Beata Vergine Maria di Sotto gli Organi will be brought to the churches of the diocese by the faithful of the various vicariates.

Beata Vergine Maria di Sotto gli Organi is a tempera and gold painting on wood attributed to Berlinghiero Berlinghieri, dating from around 1200-1220 and usually kept in the Pisa Cathedral. It is a representation of the Madonna with the Child. It is not clear whether it was intended as an independent work or as a part of a triptych.

Legend has it that it was brought to Pisa in 1225 by Pisani soldiers during the war with the Lucchesi after they had captured the Castle of Montecastrese, near Lombrici di Camaiore in Versilia.

The traditional name of the Madonna derives from its ancient location in the Cathedral – under the organs.

Last night in the SS Annunziata church in Barga Vecchia, 7 local choirs from the area gave a concert to celebrate the arrival of the icon.

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