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piazza garibaldi

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Just beyond the Town Hall, past Vicolo Nardi on the right and Vicolo del Comune on the left, you find yourself in a charming piazza with a monument dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi.

May 5 1860 – Two ships (the Piedmont and Lombardy), apparently stolen from the Navigation Company Rubattino, carrying about 1088 men led by Giuseppe Garibaldi set sail from Quarto, near Genoa, on their way to Sicily.

The event went down in Italian history as the beginning of the Expedition of the Thousand and the start of the Italian Risorgimento – the process of the unification of Italy.

There were 250 lawyers, hundreds of doctors, 20 pharmacists, 50 engineers and an equal number of sea captains, merchants and artists

There is also a woman, the wife of Crispi, the libertarian Rosalie Montmasson.

The eldest, Thomas Parodi, Genoa, was 70 years old , the youngest was 11 years old, named Joseph Marchetti and his father.

Barga was one of the first cities in Italy to erect a statue to Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) (article here)

The foremost military figure and popular hero of the age of Italian unification known as the Risorgimento with Cavour and Mazzini he is deemed one of the makers of Modern Italy.


More information about Garibaldi can be found here

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