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Pro Loco – Clean up in Parco Buozzi

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The Parco Buozzi, just below Barga Vecchia has been the centre of some polemic for a number of years concerning maintenance and the general condition of the park.

Some of the polemic has been about the small man-made pond at the base of the park and the fountain at the top of the park which when the park was first opened, were both connected and made sure that there was running water between the two.

Apparently problems with the pump and eventual vandalism to the small fountain meant that the running water has not been flowing for some years and the pond below has gradually silted up and partially filled up with debris.

Problems of mosquitoes breeding in the now stagnant water has added to the gradual declining condition at the bottom of the park.

All that has changed over the last couple of days as the volunteers from the Pro Loco, who have now finished their work on restoring the nearby Parco Kennedy (article here) and moved further downhill and started sorting out Parco Buozzi.




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