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Chico Molo exhibition

the exhibition in Palazzo Pancrazi in Barga Vecchia will be open daily until July 12th

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Mixed Media adds a full range of tools to my pallet, allowing me to explore beyond the boundaries that separate and connect them all. For example, some of my paintings are also print and collage, even sculpture at times, and vice- versa.

The idea dictates the techniques, the processes and medium used to express meaning were materials found mainly in the streets. Recycling is used to create 85% of the works.

When creating my work, it is important that I consider the objectives and its meaning. What’s it trying to tell me? Where does it want to go? Is it coming from me, or is it created through me? Also, who, what and how does it change? The work should serve a higher purpose than my own ego.


We look out at the world and we see a patchwork of shapes, textures and tones. Some are organic shapes, the structures of “Nature”. Others are man-made shapes and forms, designed, manufactured and produced to feed the desires of our ever-growing “Cultures”. My work looks at this relationship in the quest to find a balance. Within the work exist marks that represent both “Nature” and “Culture”.


As a printer, I am naturally drawn to marks that objects leave behind. In my work, I provide the right conditions for them to leave their marks, a metaphor for our own global carbon footprint.

Marks of Culture

The marks of Culture are created using found, recycled materials for the textures found on their surfaces. These objects are all around us and easy to find in anything man-made.

I became an artist the moment the work came through me and not from me.
Life is a process and life is my teacher. These are the processes that have helped me to create my work, they are the inspiration that guides and shapes both my work and myself – Chico Molo

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