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Scots and Gaelic traditional song, music and dance

once more the sound of bagpipes can be heard in the narrow streets and piazzas of Barga Vecchia

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The annual School of Scots and Gaelic traditional song, music and dance, organised by Càirdeas nam Piobairean, Hamish Moore’s fellowship of pipers is once again in full swing in Barga.

This evening tutors and students were all assembled at the Locanda in Barga Vecchia for the first of many musical sessions taking place over the next week.


Kathleen MacInnes– Gaelic song.

Kenneth MacKenzie (Cape Breton) – Fiddle (Pipes).

Annie Grace – Pipes and Scots Song.

Annie is a piper, singer, actor, and writer of tunes and songs. She was a founder member of Iron Horse, and after several years of international touring with the band, embarked on a solo musical career and also began working in theatre as an actor/musician. Annie has recorded two solo albums, and been involved in numerous musical projects such as The Unusual Suspects, Grace Hewat and Polwart and The Grit Orchestra. She was an original member of the cast in the award-winning National Theatre of Scotland production The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, and is also playing Mrs Dee the landlady, in the 2018 Northern stage production of Sting’s musical,
The last Ship.

Brighde Chaimbeul – Pipes.

Hamish Moore – Pipes.

Jenny MacKenzie (Cape Breton) – Step Dance and Quadrilles.

Sylvia McGowan and Eileen Penman – Scots song.

Eileen and Sylvia, both from Edinburgh, have years of experience in singing, performing and teaching traditional Scots song, individually and as members of a cappella group Stairheid Gossip.
With an extensive repertoire between them and great love of singing they are still actively involved at local sessions, folk festivals and political events. Participants can look forward to an exhilarating experience while learning songs and harmonies in the Scots tradition.

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