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First swallow of the season sighted in Barga

" one swallow does not make a spring" - “Una hirundo non facit ver”- “Una rondine non fa primavera”

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Ww all know the phrase “One swallow does not make a spring”  and  even though there is snow up on the mountains surrounding Barga which when the wind comes from the North and  blows across that snow before it reaches the city makes it feel decidedly wintery, yesterday in this area there was bright sunshine for most of the day. 

It did actually feel as though maybe, just maybe, the worst of the winter was over and we could start to look forward to some warmer weather.

To add to that sensation, the first sighting of a swallow flying around the Duomo and maybe even, the sight of three tourists in the city, two of which were dressed in short sleeved t-shirts.

This is after all the first week in February.


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