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Fabrizio Da Prato – Pistoia, then Palermo and now …. Beijing

replacing advertising with pictorial art

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During 2017, the artist Fabrizio Da Prato installed his work RICHIAMI in Pistoia, the city chosen by the artist for the values which – being the Italian Capital of Culture 2017 – it was officially promoting (article here)

In a studio, Fabrizio Da Prato painted works of art on a support comprised of discarded promotional posters which were then posted up on  thirty-six regularly-purchased advertising spaces.

A year later, he moved the operation to Palermo, with two large images, once again on regularly-purchased advertising space.



“Richiami, Palermo 2018” è un’installazione site specific realizzata dall’artista Fabrizio Da Prato e consiste nell’affissione di opere pittoriche al posto della pubblicità, in spazi pubblicitari regolarmente acquistati. Opere effimere di grandi dimensioni usciranno così dai circuiti prestabiliti dell’arte contemporanea per offrirsi a migliaia di sguardi e a imprevedibili sollecitazioni esterne. Motivo d’ispirazione per la realizzazione dell’operazione artistica saranno le impressioni suggerite dal territorio, dalla storia, dalla tradizione e dalla cultura di Palermo che Da Prato rielaborerà e restituirà liberamente in forma di opera pittorica con l’obiettivo di rievocare l’anima multiculturale della città.


This week comes news that not content with exhibiting in Italy, Fabrizio is now just about to move his work to the other side of the world – to China


Everyone who walks in the city in a hurry is a storyteller. All artistic creations are based on life, experience history, art and culture while walking, and explore the city with humanistic feelings. This is Fabrizio, an artist born in Lucca, Italy.


He likes to relive the history of the city, the customs, the legends of the heroes, and the stories told by the local indigenous people through the records of photography. These are stories composed of murals, music, history and folklore, as well as sculptures that have witnessed history. They are all about the glory and deeds of legendary figures. Family.


Fabrizio uses art paints to create the work “The Eye of God”; this is his tribute to the history and multiculturalism of the city of Palermo (Culture Capital), the capital of Sicily, Italy.
He says:
   “I often stare at the eyes of those sculptures; the work “The Eye of God” is inspired by this feeling, and the image is taken out of the Bible. This kind of gaze is harsh and sweet, and this view is from a height. The city, observing the people of the city, observes the pedestrians who stare at him and become the fearers and carers on the road.”

Fabrizio will demonstrate the production of the two works of “The Eye of God” in the Beijing Exhibition on March 8th  – 11th. More images from China can be seen here 




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