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The Fridays for Future protest in Barga

#FRIDAYSFORFUTURE - un girotondo per salvare il mondo

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The Fridays for Future protests have grown from a small local event to a worldwide movement. Students everywhere are demanding action against climate change and asking the grown-ups to join them

According to the records kept by the Fridays For Future group, the number of countries and territories participating in the strikes today has reached 123, spanning more than 2,000 separate towns and cities.




These strikes are happening today – from Washington DC to Moscow, Tromsø to Invercargill, Beirut to Jerusalem, and Shanghai to Mumbai – because politicians have failed us. We’ve seen years of negotiations, pathetic deals on climate change, fossil fuel companies being given free rein to carve open our lands, drill beneath our soils and burn away our futures for their profit. We’ve seen fracking, deep sea drilling and coalmining continue. Politicians have known the truth about climate change and they’ve willingly handed over our future to profiteers whose search for quick cash threatens our very existence.

If those in power today don’t act, it will be our generation who will live through their failure. Those who are under 20 now could be around to see 2080, and face the prospect of a world that has warmed by up to 4C. The effects of such warming would be utterly devastating. Rivers would flood, storms would wreak havoc on coastal communities and coral reefs would be eliminated. Melting polar ice caps would lead to dramatically higher sea levels, flooding coastal areas. Places on Earth will become uninhabitable. – Greta Thunberg, the Swedish schoolgirl who started the movement last year.

Il problema dei cambiamenti climatici è gravissimo e urgente, gli scienziati ci dicono che abbiamo solo 11 anni di tempo per evitare che la temperatura aumenti di 2°C. Un aumento del genere va evitato a tutti i costi, perché porterebbe a una situazione incontrollabile e insostenibile per l’umanità. Perciò ora quel che ciascuna persona al mondo deve chiedersi è: che cosa possiamo fare?

Greta Thunberg è partita da sola, con il suo cartello, la sua paura e il suo coraggio, e adesso migliaia e milioni di ragazzi e di adulti si sono mossi, per scendere nelle piazze assieme a lei, per protestare: per chiedere a tutti (e specialmente a chi ha più potere!) di FARE SUBITO QUALCOSA. Greta ci ha insegnato che, se mettiamo insieme tutta la nostra paura e tutto il nostro coraggio: INSIEME POSSIAMO FARCELA, A SALVARE IL MONDO!


#GlobalStrikeForFuture #ClimateStrike

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