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Promo video shooting at the Duomo

promotion video by Neon Film Productions for La Battaglia per Barga in June 2019

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A lot of movement this morning at the Duomo in Barga Vecchia and most of it a mixture between high tech and medieval as a film crew from Neon Film Productions were filming a video in medieval costume.

Last year during the summer Barga was the setting for an enormous recreation of the Battle for Barga based around the story of in AD 1230 at Pieve di Loppia near Barga a very powerful political and religious figure of the time, the Piese Ottonello, encouraged the inhabitants not to pay taxes imposed by the Government of Lucca (article with many images and video here)

The armies of Lucca, commanded by Bishop Opizzone, marched on Loppia, destroyed the castle then marched against Barga and besieged it.

Later on this summer on June 22nd and 23rd, those armies will  be back in Barga as the  historical association ‘Mansio Hospitalis Lucensi’ recreate once again stories of high treason, bribes, treachery and murder at the end of the 12th century which fuelled long running rivalry between Barga and the City of Lucca.




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