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Auto d’epoca in Barga – veteran, vintage or classic ?

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A rally in Barga this morning of auto d’epoca brings with it a series of problems in just how the phrase “Auto d’epoca” can be defined.

Putting it into google translator brings up “vintage cars” but there is a precise definition of vintage cars and none of the cars on the Fosso this morning could be defined as vintage.

So maybe some of them were Veteran or even classic ?

Veteran – generally means a car made up to and including December 1918

Vintage – a car made between 1919 and 1925, according to the Classic Car Club of America, but 1919-1930 in the UK, or sometimes between 1919 and World War 2 (1939). There was a decline in quality from 1930, so post-1930 cars do not officially qualify. These may be described as post-vintage thoroughbreds if they are of a high standard e.g. Rolls Royce.

Classic – a post-war car that is popular but no longer in production.

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